Mazda chief wants new RX-7

Mazda chief wants new RX-7

Mazda wants to make sportier cars and a new RX-7 is on the drawing board, the company’s new design boss has revealed to Autocar.

Speaking on the eve of tomorrow’s Tokyo motor show, Ikuo Maeda told Autocar that he has done sketches of an RX-7 replacement and is keen to push through a new two-seater sports car.

“We really want to have an RX-7 and if the market allows us to build it we will have it ready,” he said.

Maeda gave strong hints that he is currently pursuading other senior Mazda bosses to give the new sports car the green light.

Maeda also revealed that a new RX-7 would be a two-seater and would likely be powered by a rotary engine, like all of its predecessors.

Maeda also wants to rejuvinate the entire Mazda line-up, and is focusing on attracting “enthusiastic” customers and pushing the brand upmarket by addressing the quality of the company’s interiors.

The first fruits of the Maeda’s thinking is likely to be seen in a concept car shown next year.

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  1. MakMan333

    Wow, this actually piqued my interest. Haven’t played LBP in a while, but this looks really good. May have to get it with Christmas money.


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