Ferrari’s steering system patent could increase precision

Ferrari’s steering system patent could increase precision

Heres an interesting bit of news out of Maranello: EVO is reporting that Ferrari has been awarded a patent on a a new, more precise steering setup. It uses existing power steering hardware, but reduces inherent “transmission error”—slack between the driver turning the wheel and the response from the front wheels—from driver inputs. Also, the system aims to reduce variations in effort required to turn the steering wheel a given amount. The neat bit is that the patent doesnt require any new hardware; rather, a software update can allow the existing electric power steering system to eliminate initial slack and smooth out the turning forces required. There is a drawback, it seems. The patent states that “the driving perception perceived by the driver is not always optimal.” In other words, the unhappy and unintended result in making the steering more precise is that it feels strange, subjectively, to the driver. That could be a sign that this patent alone isnt enough to bring the system to market, at least not without development that would make it feel more natural to the driver. But hacking existing hardware to improve steering accuracy is a neat idea. No word yet on whether Ferrari intends to use this patent in any future product. RELATED: This is how you make a 903 hp McLaren P1 even more exclusive via EVO

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