Cars of the future revealed

Cars of the future revealed

A radical Jaguar XK shooting brake concept and a 1+2 Mini city car were among the designs on show at the annual Coventry University Automotive Design degree show.

The university has a reputation for producing talented designers who go on to work in the industry, and this year’s show had plenty of eye-catching designs on display.

See pics of some of the students designs, including new Jaguar, Mini and Bugatti designs

The Jaguar XK shooting brake concept was created by Andy Webber and Reiss Finney on a six-week internship at Jaguar. It shares the current XK’s platform and is an all-wheel drive hybrid. The pair described it as a “niche design” but one which found favour with Jaguar’s design studio.

The pair’s fellow students gave the car the ‘Dear God Make This Now’ award.

The Mini2 (Mini squared) design was the work of Christopher Cheng. The concept sits between the Smart ForTwo and Toyota iQ in terms of size, but is actually smaller than the original Issigonis Mini. It is a true three-seater with room for three adults.

Cheng described the car as “capturing the essence of the classic Mini in a contemporary fashion”.

Other designs on display included two Saab concepts. One was a modern interpretation of the classic 92 (a car Saab boss Victor Muller is working on as well) by Sam Fowling and a Porsche Cayman-sized coupe, described by its designer David Panton as a spiritual successor to the Saab Sonnet.

Some students turned their hands to designing luxury and supercars. Douglas Hogg’s Bugatti Aerolithe was a modern and elegant grand tourer inspired by classic Bugattis from the 1930s.

Perhaps the most detailed and striking design on display was the work Ian Barnes. His Tag Heuer Hydrodynamics imagined what a car designed by the Swiss watch maker would look like.

The students awarded Barnes the ‘Best in Show’ award.

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