LRX to become a Range Rover

LRX to become a Range Rover

This is first official image of the production version of the Land Rover LRX, due to go on sale in 2011 badged as a Range Rover.

The company describes the image as “how we could expect the production version to look.” It is very close to the concept car, but has gained new B and C-pillars, door handles, bigger door mirrors and revised bumpers, with a new slot below the main grille.

It is also badged as a Range Rover. “Our research of the LRX proved that if we can deliver the intent of the concept it has got all the hallmarks of a Range Rover,” Land Rover boss Phil Popham told Autocar. At the moment Land Rover is describing the car as a ‘compact Range Rover’.

The switch of badge could mean that there will also be a five-door version of the car.

See more pictures of the Land Rover LRX concept

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The new small Range Rover will share a platform with the Land Rover Freelander and is expected to share much of the Freelander’s hardware. It is also expected to be the greenest Land Rover to date. “We are expecting to be under 150g/km at launch and during its lifetime we can get below 120g/km and offer 60mpg with a hybrid,” Popham revealed to Autocar.

There’s unlikely to be a two-wheel-drive version. Jaguar Land Rover’s boss recently admitted that the LRX would be four-wheel drive only, in order to maintain Land Rover’s brand values.

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