Travelling further: MINI at Geneva

Travelling further: MINI at Geneva

BMW has unveiled these pictures of its latest MINI Traveller Concept. Following the Detroit, Frankfurt and Tokyo concepts, the Concept Geneva takes the Monte Carlo Rally successes of the original Mini as its theme and celebrates the centenary of the anniversary of Sir Alec Issigonis.

40 years on from the ’66 Monte Carlo rally victory, BMW are showing more variations on the theme of their Traveller concept. Perhaps appropriately in an era of ever-weightier cars, this concept is a support car rather than a rally car.

In keeping with the aesthetic of a space-efficient support car, the spare wheel has migrated to the roof, which has sprouted searchlights to illuminate those toiling mechanics. The boxes in each side window are carried over from the Detroit car.

The split side windows, giving access to the boot without making it necessary to open the doors, remain. Inside that boot there is an underfloor tray to hold those rally toolboxes and a box which swivels to divide the boot from the cabin.

The cabin’s size points to the fact that the next MINI will be even bigger than the current one.

With glassfibre on the door panels and a mix of leather and Alcantara inside, the concept’s interior is a feast of contemporary plush. Touches include cup holders formed of air vent surrounds – keeping cold drinks cold in front of the air conditioning and hot drinks warm.

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