BMW appoints new design chief

BMW appoints new design chief

BMW has appointed a new head of design. Karim Habib will take over the post on June 1. The Lebanon-born Canadian was previously in charge of exterior design and will now report to senior vice president BMW Group design, Adrian van Hooydonk.

Habib joined the BMW design team in 1998 and most notably shaped the design of the current BMW 7-series.

He has experience in both interior and exterior design. His previous roles also include team leader advanced design for the BMW Group and BMW exterior design department chief. He now takes overall charge of the design of BMW cars.

Karim Habib said: “I feel very honoured and I look forward to this new challenge. Now I have the opportunity of working together with a great team to shape the future face of the BMW brand.”

Adrian van Hooydonk said: “Karim Habib is an outstanding designer who has had a significant impact on the design of the BMW brand over many years. His longstanding experience and subtle instinct for timely elegance and dynamics are the ideal prerequisites for this demanding task. I look forward very much to his support and collaboration.”

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