Renaultsport’s latest: the 197 Clio

Renaultsport’s latest: the 197 Clio

This is actually the Renaultsport 197 generation x of fast Clio. The 197 refers back to the hp power figure (194bhp) which Clio is way from only a standard hatch having a bigger engine and a few mild tweaks.

That power originates from the two.-litre engine, an improvement from the previous generation Clio 182’s unit. There’s 159lb foot of torque available: 62mph takes 6.9 seconds Renault quotes a high speed of 134mph.

Regardless of the performance, Renault claims combined gas mileage of 31mpg, partially because of the six-speed gear box developed with partner Nissan. Renaultsport’s method of their latest model, to become built in their devoted Dieppe factory, continues to be nothing otherwise thorough. Even though the visual variations are relatively slight initially glance, there’s very little from the Clio III that’s been left untouched Renault has invested 29million euros within the car’s development. The space for that spare wheel continues to be full of the dual tailpipes as well as their silencers. Individuals pipes are made to work the trunk diffuser, which fits against lift in the rear Renault claims 40kg of downforce at ‘very high speed’ and states it allows these to do with no rear spoiler. In addition, there’s a front splitter.

But spearing easily with the air (Renault states all of this F1-inspired rear diffusion is made to minimise the result around the car’s drag co-efficient) is just area of the story how can the 197 corner? It ought to a minimum of stop wasting time across the bends. Having a lengthened wheelbase and wider front and back tracks, the 197’s rear suspension continues to be stiffened by 25 percent and fitted having a 30mm anti-roll bar. The sub frame comes from the Mégane Renaultsport 225 and includes transverse strengthening for any stiffer front finish. Subframe shrubbery, rear suspension mountings and front shock absorber mountings are also stiffened.

On the top of this, Renaultsport has utilized a dual-axis strut system so it claims creates a large decrease in the results of torque-caused forces functioning on the vehicle because it speeds up via a corner. The steering axis is in addition to the damping system. Hauling everything was a braking mechanism in line with the Mégane 225’s: Brembo four-containers functioning on 312mm dvds in front and 300mm dvds in the rear. The ESP, with includes traction control, could be fully disconnected. The 197 is going to be on purchase within the United kingdom market within the summer time and will be just five colours. Costs are unannounced, however the previous vehicle was famous to be value at £14,800. The 197 shouldn’t be too even more than that.



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