£200,000 Range Rover to battle Bentley Bentayga

£200,000 Range Rover to battle Bentley Bentayga

Jaguar Land Rover bosses are positively thinking about a distinctive, limited-run, £200,000-plus Range Rover model included in a concerted make an effort to drive the company even more upmarket.

The brand new model would put Range Rover in direct competition using the new Bentley Bentayga and will be offering much greater exclusivity because of production being restricted to as couple of as 1000 models.

Speaking in the launch from the new Range Rover SVAutobiography model, Paul Newsome, Director of JLR’s Special Vehicle Procedures division, stated he “could envisage” a flagship Range Rover which may possess a base selling cost of £200,000.

“I can tell something which would sit over the existing Range Rover model. It might need to have a unique style and various looks [to the present Range Rover],” stated Newsome.

Newsome stated he was thinking like a vehicle which may be partly hands-built. “You can make a vehicle with aluminium [body] sections which may be hands-finished and hands-matched up. Something which potential purchasers could watch being made,” he stated.

Newsome added he believed a vehicle within this segment could be much more about high amounts of craftsmanship, instead of simply adding ever larger amounts of technology.

Autocar is aware of that any flagship Range Rover could be be in line with the current model and become operated by the brand’s current V8 gas and diesel engines or hybrid transmission.

Newsome gave no indication whenever a new flagship Range Rover model may appear, or what lengths the work has advanced within JLR’s SVO division.

However, associates have told Autocar the average transaction prices from the first wave of orders for that Bentley Bentayga are up to £250,000, showing that the marketplace for an ultra-luxury Sports utility vehicle is more powerful than many had anticipated.

Newsome also says the as-yet unused SVX sub-brand – that is being restricted to automobiles with extreme off-road abilities – can look on the future form of the all-new Defender substitute.

He told Autocar that the future SVX Defender might have “much, far betterInch on-road capabilities than today’s vehicle due to the brand new model’s underlying technical sophistication.

Newsome’s comment concerning the much-anticipated new Defender – that is likely to come in 2017 – may be the first solid evidence the vehicle is going to be much more upmarket compared to legendary model it’s changing.

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