Renault develops £3500 saloon

Renault develops £3500 saloon

Renault has revealed its budget-brand Dacia Logan, a four-door, five-seater saloon costing just £3400. The vehicle continues to be produced for emerging marketplaces, but when there’s sufficient demand it may be offered within the United kingdom.

Robotically the Logan is conventional – a front-wheel-drive saloon within the Mégane class – however it significantly breaks the mould in becoming listed underneath the Twingo, Renault’s least expensive vehicle.

The fundamental model, though this is not on purchase immediately, will definitely cost just €5000 – £3433 – the prospective cost set by Renault boss Louis Schweitzer in 1998. For that you will get a spacious vehicle operated by a 75bhp, eight-valve 1.4-litre gas engine, using Clio front suspension along with a twist beam rear axle in the new Renault Modus.

Engine options likewise incorporate 90bhp 1.6-litre gas or 65bhp 1.5-litre diesel powertrains, both lent in the Clio. The Logan is dependant on the Renault-Nissan alliance’s B platform, also utilized by the Micra, the brand new Modus and – if this seems in 18 months’ time – the following Clio. Besides its €5000 cost target, the Logan is made to be ‘modern, spacious, sturdy and affordable’. It’s easy and economical to fabricate having a low amount of automation Schweitzer stated it had been ‘designed to cost’, such as the 1992 Twingo.

Renault now is the owner of 99.3 percent from the Romanian company and it has completely refurbished its factory for around £326m.

The car’s name – Logan – was selected to become worldwide pronounceable, and it is a twist on ‘log-in’ in the computer world the concept because this entry-level vehicle enables purchasers to log-in to everything about Renault.

The Logan saloon is going to be became a member of with a four-door estate in ’07, having a high roof and twin rear doorways, and you’ll also have a van form of this body style. A 5-door hatch can also be offered.



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