F1’s Future: The Eight Big Question

Should you give consideration to automotive news and motorsport happenings, you’ve likely heard this week a united states company known as Liberty Media finalized an offer to buy F1. Initially, the organization brought by tycoon John Malone tends to buy a stake within the worldwide racing serious having a full acquisition in the future in a cost of approximately 8.5 billion dollars. Naturally, what this means is some big changes are most likely available for F1, an activity that’s been battling having a decreasing influence and diminishing audiences recently.

The alterations will not be immediate though. Lengthy time F1 boss Bernie Eccelstone will retain his position for the moment as F1 starts its transition to new possession. Nevertheless, many within the sport believe the purchase is a good factor within the lengthy term and also have already began speculating about potential shake-ups that may be coming. Maybe there is new methods to watch the racing? Will F1 expand to new venues or go back to historic locales it’s left out? Maybe there is changes towards the rulebook to enhance the on-track product? Individuals are only a couple of from the questions race fans happen to be asking.

It’ll likely take a moment before F1 can make an effort to make an impression on lost fans, however a new, motivated possession appears just like a part of the best direction.

What type of changes do you want to see carried out to improve F1?

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